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The Best Photo Spots in Venice

An important part of my trip abroad was ensuring I documented my travels through pictures. This meant trying to find the best and most memorable backgrounds everywhere I went and ensuring that my pictures were Instagram ready. My favorite thing about taking pictures? They are fun and free! I, of course, tried to get good pictures in every place we visited but I got especially lucky in Venice. The places where I got the best pictures during my Venice visit are listed below.

Ponte di Rialto (The Rialto Bridge)

Did you even go to Venice if you didn’t take a photo in front of the iconic Rialto bridge? The ledge that I took this photo on is not hard to find at all. If you find your way onto the bridge navigate to the far right side it and all the way to the end of it. Once on the ground, take an immediate right toward the canal. Don’t immediately go in front of the first building lining the canal because the ledge there is not spacious enough to stand or sit for photos. Navigate around the first building (behind it) then make your way back to the edge of the canal and you will see the ledge that appears in this picture. Look for the red and white striped pole that is behind me and you will know you are in the right place.


Burano is an Island a short water bus from Venice (about 30 minutes max). Venice, being an island itself, has an extensive water bus system since the main means of travel is by water. This water bus has service to Burano, a quaint fishermen town that is known for its colorful houses. If you have time during your Venice visit, I highly suggest a quick boat ride to visit and see the beautifully painted houses. They make for a great background for pictures and are beautiful in their own right. Although the colorful houses are what attract tourists, Burano is known for their intricate lacemaking. Learn more about Burano here.

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi Rooftop Terrace

This Rooftop Terrace sits atop the T Fondaco mall which is located right beside the Rialto bridge on the side opposite of the ledge I mentioned above. The terrace is a popular attraction for those who know of it so you must reserve a time slot online. Registration is free but you must keep the barcode provided to you at registration to show the staff to gain access to the rooftop. You can reserve your spot here. Once you enter the mall keep taking the escalators up until you can’t anymore. This will lead you to a gold hallway that you follow until you make it into the room where you line up to enter onto the terrace. Once on the terrace, there is no seating, as the slots are only for about 15 minutes. It is beyond gorgeous, offering 360-degree views of all of Venice.

Ca d’Oro Galleria (Golden House)

This classic Venetian gothic palace is home to the art collections of Baron Franchetti. The interesting art and gothic architecture make for gorgeous picture backgrounds. This museum, when we visited, did not have many visitors, so it was a fantastic location for photos. Although photos were not our focus here, I got a few. The best part of Ca d’Oro was the great mix of modern and gothic art. There were several modern and interactive art pieces that I enjoyed as well as classic ones. This museum is not free but luckily we got a student discount that lowered our price to about 8 euros each. I think what we paid was well worth it, it was one of my favorite art exhibits out of our whole trip.

Gondola Ride

Along the grand canal, there a several stations offering gondola rides, you will not be able to miss them. There are also some gondolas in smaller canals where you can hop on one too. Gondolas are synonymous with Venice in my head so this photo is a must. I personally didn’t get any great photos on the gondola but you have to get some for the memories. Side note: Gondola rides are expensive. If you don’t have a group to split the price between, find some people who are willing to ride with you! If you are on a budget a 100 euro gondola ride is not economical. When I was there gondola rides were 80 euros before 7 pm and 100 euros after (a surprise to us). Luckily, we found another woman who was traveling alone who wanted to find people to ride with so the 3 of us split the price. We found her after searching for a group for a while, but the wait and money saved were worth it.

Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) – St. Mark’s Basilica

As you can see, I did not personally get a photo in St. Mark’s square but the basilica is so gorgeous, it would’ve been the perfect background. Although there are lots of people in this area crowds can always be avoided during early morning hours. Although we didn’t get any pictures with the basilica we did get a chance to go inside. Entry is free for the main area but once inside some areas do require a small donation for entry. You must also have appropriate clothing on when entering the basilica; your shoulders will need to be covered and short cut bottoms are also frowned upon. If your clothing is not up to standard there are robes at the front for sale for 2 euros.

As you can imagine there are many more places for amazing pictures throughout Venice but this list includes my personal favorites. Have you been to Venice? Did I miss one of your favorite photo spots? Comment below!


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