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Winter Weekend Get-Away: Girls Trip in NYC

I’ve recently returned from a trip with two of my best friends, Alexis and Kynnydy, to the city that never sleeps. We’ve all visited New York multiple times and had visited together about 3 years ago, but we decided it’d be an awesome idea to return for a weekend. It turned out to be an incredible idea; we ate, laughed, and partied hard for two days and returned to work bright and early the following Monday. Read below for what we did, what we ate, and more to help plan your next weekend in the city. Keep in mind since we’ve been to New York before we stayed away from the touristy spots that we’ve already experienced, so keep reading if you’re looking for something new!

What to do

Since we had all been to New York plenty of times before our to-do list was short. We had seen all the tourist attractions and visited most of the coveted sights before so we didn’t plan much of anything. Instead, we had a few places in mind and got to them at our own pace.

Visit Glossier

First on our list when we made it to New York was to visit the Glossier Flagship. Glossier is a beauty brand that sells makeup and skincare products and only has a few actual stores, as most of their sales happen online here. If you love everything beauty and skincare as we do, I highly suggest it. They set the store up to encourage testing and there are no extra products to pick up and purchase. It works similarly to an apple store and that you tell an employee what you want and pick it up on your way out. This store encourages you to take your time and try everything. This comes at a price though; there is typically a long line to enter the store so everyone can get the experience without overcrowding.

You enter up dark pink steps into a light pink room with products atop tables throughout. Just past this pink room is a wet room with sinks for further product testing and just past the sinks what I would call Instagram heaven. This room has a wall of mirrors, tons of lighting, and large product replicas donning the walls. Gorgeous. None of us ended up making a purchase, we only came for the experience and definitely got it.

Visit Nordstrom Flagship

As you may have picked up on, my friends and I are no strangers to shopping. Just weeks before our trip to New York, Nordstrom opened a new flagship in New York so of course, we went for a browse. We did not regret it. The store was beautiful and was bigger than some malls. It had 7 floors, a few of them featuring restaurants or bars and it exuded luxury to the highest degree. Similar to Glossier, it offered an experience rather than just a means to an end like typical shopping. We felt like we were exploring rather than looking.

Girls Night Out

Siri, play GNO by Miley Cyrus. This is the part of the blog where I leave parts out that may be or make me look bad. Short story: We had a blast! Long story: we had too much fun. For our night out we decided to go to TAO, which we didn’t know at the time was a pretty exclusive club (and restaurant by day). We later found out that celebrities like Keilani and Whoopi Goldberg visit Tao for dinner (find their insta here), and New York City influencers go to Tao to party.

We, being 3 Southern ladies in the city, somehow found our way in. Not only did we find ourselves in but we found ourselves in VIP. Now I’d love to tell you how much champagne and tequila was had but that is a completely different blog post. Just know if you are looking for a good time in New York City, I would highly recommend Tao. That is all.

Hudson Yards

For those that live for modern design, clean lines, and glass, I’d highly suggest a trip to Hudson Yards. Our first stop on our second day in the city (after waking up incredibly late on account of our night out), was a gorgeous visit. I would describe Hudson Yards as a fancy and modern mall. It is also home to the Vessel, which is an interesting landmark that is called the centerpiece of Hudson Yards. It is an intricate spiral staircase that tourists are encouraged to climb for a great view of the city. We ended up being too late to view it before the sunset, but it was beautiful at night. After eating, viewing the Vessel, and browsing around a few stores we headed to our next stop.

230 Fifth Outdoor Rooftop Bar

230 Fifth is a restaurant and bar that features a rooftop with heated igloos and an amazing view of the Rockefeller Center. We visited this spot on two occasions, first at night when it was crowded with people. Since it is freezing this time of year the bar offers big red robes to keep warm in addition to the heated igloos and open seating decks.

Our second visit was our last day in New York when we went up to visit for some pictures. If you plan on visiting keep in mind that some of the igloos will be reserved so there’s no guarantee that you will make it in one. Also keep in mind that if an igloo is not reserved it’s free game, meaning you could be going into an igloo with people you don’t know. If there is room, people will most likely be joining you. The rooftop bar is free entry but during popular times, there’s a line to get in and out. Yes, they make you line up to leave too.

Rosé Mansion

The Rosé Mansion was one of my favorite stops because of how unique it was. It was like an Instagram worthy playground for adults and something I’d never experienced before. While trying about 8 different rosés we got to journey through a 14 room “mansion” with different themes and interactive activities. To name a few: interactive scratch and sniff, adult ball pit, and showgirl costumes. This place was like wine tasting on steroids and we all loved it.

Although it was super fun, I have to say, we were all wanting more wine for our tasting. The ounce of wine they gave us at each tasting seemed to dwindle the further along we got. All in all, it was a very fun experience and I would suggest it if you haven’t been yet. You are required to purchase tickets for a specific time slot online for about $45, with fees the price gets to upwards of $50. Since we really only spent money on food during our trip we thought $50 was an okay splurge. You can find tickets here on their website.

What to Eat

New York offers so many options when it comes to food, and we tried a lot of things although the star of the weekend was definitely Italian. Here, I’ve decided to present a shortlist of places we ate and a bite-sized review (pun intended).

La Bella Vita – Little Italy

Fantastic. We split a pitcher of delicious Sangria that our lovely host suggested and all got chicken parmesan with a side of penne. The chicken was amazing, the wine was even better, and the service was great. A++

Wild Ink – Hudson Yards

Wild ink is a nice upscale-ish Asian restaurant that we visited for a small very-late lunch. We opted to share 3 appetizers rather than order meals. The food was good, nothing spectacular, but the restaurant was very nice and matched the modern feel of Hudson Yards. Features a great view of the Vessel if you have reservations for the actual dining room (we did not).

Pasta Lovers

Great place with gorgeous Christmas decor. The atmosphere was my favorite part of pasta lovers but the food was great as well. I got the pizza which was fantastic and both my friends got pasta which they enjoyed.

The Smith

Perfect brunch in an even better location. Their pancakes and French toast are huge and super filling. We all got ours topped with apple compote which was delicious. The atmosphere is definitely nice as well, featuring a more industrial style which I personally enjoy.

What to Wear

Considering the frigid temperatures of New York in mid-November I encourage you to wear whatever is warm. There’s no rule saying warm can’t be cute, though, so that’s what we went for.

I would first suggest bringing a warm coat for everyday wear. I ended up bringing two; a black peacoat and an oversized brown teddy coat. The teddy coat was not only warmer but also went well with my outfits and had pockets (the peacoat did not). The teddy coat was also more ‘in-style’ in terms of streetwear so I felt confident donning it through the city.

In terms of shoes, I rocked a pair of black booties all weekend which I think was a good choice. Although they had a small heel, they covered my ankles and allowed me to wear long socks to keep warm. I will say, that from all the walking my feet would ache at the end of each day so I understand opting for sneakers as well.

All of the sweaters I wore that weekend either had a full turtle neck or at least a mock neck since I did not bring a scarf. This was a great decision. My neck or chest was never freezing due to my lack of scarf since I had fabric up my neck. So if you’re not a fan of scarves or think it will mess up your fit opt for a mock neck sweater and you’ll be set.

Ultimately, we had a great weekend catching up and taking a break from our everyday lives. Sometime a weekend trip is all you need for a quick refresh. Hope you enjoyed my not-so-touristy weekend in New York and let me know what you think!

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