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Where to Stay in Paris

Paris is the capital of France and a tourism hotspot for visitors from around the world. With the influx of tourist streaming in each day it is hard to find good temporary housing for less. Usually, to get a good price you need to sacrifice something. Whether that be the optimal location or luxury amenities. It is hard to find a place with everything you want in a big city like Paris. All things considered, you could find a hotel with everything you want but if your experience is anything like mine, it will come at a steep price.

In my case, after exhausting my and Airbnb searches I turned to Hostels. Wait, before you decide this post is not up your alley at the mention of hostels hear me out. The hostel I landed on was one that offered private rooms with private bathrooms and balconies. You read that right, all the hotel amenities at a hostel price! Le Regent Montmartre, where I stayed, is a hotel & co-living space. Meaning it is partially a hostel (having shared dormitories or bathrooms) and partially hotel (having private spaces). *This post isn’t sponsored, I’m just speaking from my experience. ** Le Regent Montmartre looks nothing like the above picture but details on that beautiful stay are included below.

When looking for your ideal stay it is important to consider what is most important to you. For me, price is always at the top of the list followed by views and location. Location, for me, is relative more to public transportation than proximity to actual sites. If I can get to the main sites in under 20 minutes using public transportation, I consider the location to be great. But some travelers do not share this philosophy, which is understandable. Luckily, my hotel had a little bit of something for all of the picky (or not so picky) travelers like myself.

Location – Montmartre

Beautiful house in the back streets of Montmartre

In terms of location, Le regent Montmartre checked all my boxes. Le Regent Montmartre is located a short walk across the street from the Sacre Coeur Basilica. Montmartre is a district in Paris made famous by the Sacre Coeur and the hill it sits atop. The Basilica is the second-highest point in Paris (after the Eiffel tower of course) and offers amazing views of the city. The basilica is free to walk around in but asks that guests keep the volume down. I would argue that most people stay outside to take in the view. There are several stairs and landings that provide seating and a wonderful overlook of the city. I can honestly say that if we didn’t end up staying so close to it that we may have overlooked this amazing gem.

In addition to the amazing location in Montmartre, our hotel was also a short 2-minute walk to the metro. The metro took us anywhere we wanted to go in the city in under 20 minutes. We got to see all the touristy sites like the Eiffel tower and the Louvre although we weren’t necessarily staying the closest to them. This also gave us the chance to avoid the crowds. Although other visitors stayed in Montmartre and it was home to a great Parisian site, we were not always surrounded by people. Although I don’t mind a crowd and understand it comes with traveling, this was definitely a perk.

Montmartre definitely gives you a small-town feel in the big bustling city of Paris. Surprisingly, we spent a good amount of our time here, trying food and exploring the back streets and finding gorgeous houses (pictured above) and locals. If you’re looking for a place of relaxation in the fast-moving city I highly suggest Montmartre. It is still in the city but the district has it’s own homey feeling. We enjoyed eating at small local restaurants and receiving all-star treatment from wait-staff and there was plenty of gelato to go around for my intense cravings.

Price & Amenities

You know you are in a tourist location when even Airbnb shows no sign of a good deal. Like I said before, price is king for me. I needed to stay in my budget as best as I could and Le Regent Montmartre got me as close as possible without having to settle. I booked three nights for 326 Euros, so a little over 100 euros a night.

We decided on a private room because Paris was one of our first spots and we didn’t want to start in a shared space. Our room came furnished with a double bed, a desk, and a chair (with some free snacks and tea). It was pretty modern and simple but most important very clean. When we walked in there was nothing out of place. Admittedly, the room was small but we don’t need much so it was the perfect size for everything we needed.

The bathroom was also very clean, your typical sink toilet and shower, nothing fancy but nothing that looked old and gross. From the bathroom, there was a window/door to the small balcony. The balcony was amazing, although it was pretty tight. We didn’t have an amazing view but stepping out and seeing the streets and old buildings was like something out of a movie for me.

In addition to the perks of the room, the staff was very nice and helpful. We arrived pretty late at night after flying into Paris-Beauvais airport rather than one actually in Paris. Even after arriving late at night, we were welcomed with a smiling face and showed around the facilities and to our room. Since they are a hostel they have common areas and a small kitchen; all updated and modern. The staff not only gave us a good welcome but helped us figure out the metro system the following day. They gave us directions and told us which lines to take; they were very helpful. When it was time for us to check out, they had bag service to hold our bags until we actually left the city.

Other Housing Options

If where I stayed is still not ideal for you, I’ve rounded up some other budget-friendly(ish) options. Keep in mind, I haven’t stayed in any of these options but they were either contenders or something that wowed me in a recent search. I’d advise checking out reviews before pulling the trigger on any of them! Click on the pictures below to check them out for yourself.

Although I stayed away from Airbnb (the fees always added up to too much) for Paris there are a lot of great options in even better locations:
  • “We’ll always have Paris” – A small but very cute and updated apartment only a 20 minute walk away from the Eiffel tower! To stay in the summer, (I tried August dates) it will run you about $115/night.
  • “THE PLACE TO BE // Trendy EIFFEL TOWER apartment” – Now if you want luxury you’ve got it at this place. It comes at a steeper price but some would say a 30-second walk to the Eiffel tower is worth it! I’m adding this one to my own list although it is small and seemingly meant for couples. It will run you around 174/night in the summer (June).
  • “Luxury 2 bedroom Apartment – Eiffel Tower” – If you want luxury while traveling in a group this is the Airbnb you’ve been looking for. I fell in love at first scroll. This is Parisian luxe at it’s finest and it can be all yours for around $200/night in the off-season. In summer its going to be a pretty penny upwards of $600/night. They do allow 6 guests, so if split equally could be a great deal!
Hotels were definitely last on my list because of their expense, but there are definitely good ones for prices that won’t break the bank:
  • YOOMA Urban Lodge – I like this hotel because it’s updated, simple and modern. It is definitely a “no-frills” option, that appears clean and is near public transport for easy navigating through the city. The Eiffel tower is also within walking distance (15-20 minutes according to reviews.
  • Hotel Novotel Paris les Halles – For those looking for a luxury hotel with all the perks, this is the hotel for you. Although a little steep, considering it’s proximity to the Louvre and all the amenities, it may be worth it. If you want to live the luxe life and not pay thousands I’d think this be a good spot. It’s about $260 a night in June.


Finding the perfect place to stay for your visit to Paris takes research. I nor anyone else can tell you what will work best for you and your trip. I hope my own experiences and insight can help you get a little closer to finding the perfect stay. Been to Paris? Share where you stayed in the comments below!


  • Ashley

    I needed your guide a couple weeks ago! We stayed in an Air BnB in Paris and just like you mentioned, the fees really did add up. I’m bookmarking this for the next time I go to Paris!

  • Aditi Sharma

    Beautiful photographs. Montmartre is so charming and next time we visit Paris we’d love to stay in this area and get to explore it some more. This looks like a great place to stay – good to know it’s only a couple of minutes away from the metro.

  • Ro

    These photographs are stunning! I’ve never been to Paris, but my parents-in-law have and it’s on my bucket list of places to see one day. I will have to bookmark this for future reference 😉 Thank you for sharing!

  • Emma

    I love Paris so much I don’t even care where I stay as long as I can go. But I’m always looking for a new place to try, a new neighborhood and a new view. Some of these look amazing, and with way more for the money than some of the places I’ve ended up in the past. I liked the Montmartre neighborhood, it is where I like to explore, but it can be a bit busier and noisier so I prefer to stay in other places and then just visit Montmartre. I’ll have to check some of these out for my next trip

  • Molly

    All these accommodations sound fantastic! I agree about the airbnb not always being the deal it seems to be! But, renting an apartment is often my favorite way to go. Next time in Paris I want to seek out that ice cream that you have pictured here with the flower shaped scoops, I always love a pretty cone!!


    My partner and I travel “with price as king” as well.. we try not to be picky. We love camping for nature/outdoor trips, but not for city/overseas. I would LOVE to stay in “THE PLACE TO BE // Trendy EIFFEL TOWER apartment” it looks simply luxurious. I’ve never stayed in somewhere so nice before.

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